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Keeping the Visual Studio 2010 CTP VPC from PDC 2008 running

 The Virtual PC image for Visual Studio 2010 CTP provided at PDC 2008 and downloadable from here has an expiration of 1/1/2009. However, you can keep using it if you follow the guidance provided by Brian Keller. Here's a summary.

There are several moving expiration parts you'll have to contend with

  • Activation Toast - you'll get a "toast" from time to time asking you to activate Windows. Workaround: Ignore of click the "X" to dismiss it.
  • Activate Windows Now - When you boot the VPS image you'll receive a modal dialog for Windows Activation. Workaround: Click on "Activate Later."
  • Word Excel Activation - The trial versions only work 20 times, after whichmost functionality will stop working. Workaround: The first 20 times you can click "Cancel" to dismiss the activation dialog. After that you'll have to revert to a fresh copy of the VPC image.
  • Project Activation - The trial version will work 25 times. Workaround: After 25 times you'll have to revert to a fresh copy of the VPC image.
  • Visual Studio 2010 CTP Expiration - After 1/1/2009 you can no longer launch the Visual Studio 2009 CTP. Workaround: You'll need to roll back the system clock in the VPC to an earlier date. Caution, don't roll back to earlier than your last interaction with TFS because it will get confused. It's better to revert to a fresh copy of the VPC image and immediately turn off Date/Time synchronization, then roll back to an earlier date.

And, Jeff Beehler's Blog tells you how to turn off the synchronization of the VPC and the host OS. By turning off the synchronization, the time in the VPC moves forward on for the actual time the VPC is being used. That gives you about 2 months of actual run time.

Here are the changes necessary for the .VMC file (specific to a particular VPC and not a system-wide setting):

            <allow type="boolean">true</allow>
                <enabled type="boolean">false</enabled>

Bunch of other stuff that I am skipping over to save space...


Thanks to Brian and Jeff.



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